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Hemant R Joshi

Hemant is a Product Manager who writes stories about how technology is affecting lives. He has lived across several cities in India and currently lives in Seattle, USA. Drivers of all kinds fascinate Hemant, as they are essential to keep the world moving. The Advisory Board is his tribute to taxi drivers. He believes they are some of the best advisors when it comes to cities. Hemant has published one novel, Digital Nervous Breakdown, which asks the question: ‘What if the whole world is a database and it gets hacked?’ He also writes essays and short stories at hemantrjoshi.com. ReacRead More...

The Advisory Board

Books by Hemant R Joshi

Shekhar Tripathi’s car gets slammed by an SUV while it is parked in front of his apartment building, leaving the car inoperative. He is already in grief, not having recovered from his wife’s death three months ago. At the same time, his business, Westland Tourism, is dwindling rapidly.

He feels lonely. How could someone take all the important things away from him at once?

The next morning, he is forced to take a taxi for the first tim

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