Himanshu Kumar Sah

Passion, Creativity and Enthusiasm- That's all I know.
Passion, Creativity and Enthusiasm- That's all I know.

Himanshu Kumar Sah was born in Malda, West Bengal and brought up in a remote village of Bihar. 

Abiding love for fantasy and games and a compelling need to understand the philosophies of the universe inspired the author to write his debut novel, Island Game of Modern LifeThanka is his second novel.

Apart from writing stories, the author also loves to write on unconventional ideas that illustrate complex topics in a creative and easy way.

The author believes that life can be elevated only through clarity of mind. The clarity comes from pure observation and realization. He is on a ‘passion yatra’ to connect readers, enthusiasts and passion followers. The idea of Passion Yatra is to elevate life through passion, creativity and enthusiasm of people, no matter how narrow the streets they live in are or how bare their lives are. Passion Yatra is the author’s self-starter movement, which he wishes to spread across schools, colleges and the streets in general.  

Contact Information: gamesbyhimanshu@gmail.com



Books by Himanshu Kumar Sah

An ordinary boy… A new land… And one game…

To learn the fundamentals of becoming a fighter!


Bogged down by failures and challenges, young Rid decides to end his life. What he doesn’t know is that this isn’t the end but the start of a new journey. A journey of self-discovery and phenomenal transformation…

Rid jumps off a cliff only to be drawn into the mystical land of Thanka, a pla

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Island Game of Modern Life

Books by Himanshu Kumar Sah

Sukesh, Sanchita, Kapil and Siddhant die and go to Yamlok, where they meet Yamraj.

Yamraj gives them one last chance to become alive again, and they can go back to earth, if they win the game: Island Game of Modern Life. The winner will be resurrected to life and could start life from where it ended.

What was the game and who wins? What is a modern life? Is it really true that after people die, Yamraj gives one last chance to them to become alive

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