Hiran Das Mahar

Dr. Hiran Das Mahar has born in 1963. During his primary education, he was a school topper. He did his B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.d. from R. G. P. Auton College, Ambikapur. He continued to study plant bioelectricity, and in 2001, during this study from 1993-2001, he visited Victoria University Melbourne and met Dr. Christian Berger. Dr. Hiran is associated with AMSE, France as a science paper author and a reviewer. Along with 11 papers, he gave 11 radio broadcasts on science subjects. .His poetry book, Sonnet Songs, is also being published.Read More...


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Celestial Song

Books by Dr. Hiran Das Mahar

I am thankful to The Top Indian Publication in Notion Press situated in Chennai, for Ditto Publication with my consent.

I am also thank full to my residential and working families i.e. officers, teachers, students, and friends, for an environment to come soonest Celestial Song.

Being an author I have already published 'Plant- Bioelectricity & taxonomic table, 'Sonnet Songs, Sansakrit Suman , and Sunayana’. 

This book is a collection of

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Books by डॉ. हिरन दास महार

सुनयना दर्शनशास्त्र है विचार है चिन्तन का है दृष्टि ||
जौ ब्राह्माण्डै सोई काया पिण्डै स्वविचार है सृष्टि ||
नयी उड़|न है नयी कल्पना है नया तरंग और नया उमंड्०ग है ||
कुछ विग्यान ह

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Books by हिरनदास महार

विद्वान पाठका:  अर्पितं यः पुस्तकं संस्कृत सुमनः ममाभिव्यक्तिम् संस्कृते संवादं ||
सरलं सुबोधं सुशोधं सुगम्यं भवतु पठितं शुखीजनं ||
अहंमिक्छामि  किन्चित् कथं , पूजाम् , पाकृत

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Bioelectricity and Taxonomic Table

Books by H. D. Mahar

Bioelectricity has investigations on the electrical properties of plants, and their application (1993 to 2001).

The first chapter introduces the works of Jenkinson and Scott,  G. P. Chhalotra, Sir J. C. Bose, Christiaan Huygens and S. P. Kosta.

Chapter two deals with parameters, i.e. current, potential, resistance, inductance, capacitance, Q- factor, dielectric loss angle, semiconductivity, the hall effect, and hydroelectricity  prop

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Sonnet Songs

Books by Hiran Das Mahar

                Everybody can be reader of this sonnet song of prayer.
                It’s nor matter who and what age group you art.
                Surely, all shall found some songs for their.
                So, quickly kind see, index of content page over.
                This book is just collection of communication as many letters.

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