Hsirah is a student of Civil Engineering, but his true passion lies in writing. He is twenty-one years old and loves to write stories where he can immerse himself. At an age where he is trying to figure out the vast expanse of life, Hsirah initially started out with reading fiction from a young age but soon he realized that reading wasn’t enough. So, he began to write a story of his own. This is his first book. Hsirah now lives in Chennai where he attends college. Read More...


Turning Out

Books by Hsirah

First love is special. The memories of our first love is a treasure trove of so many moments each one of us hold dear and revisit every now and then. Do you remember the first time you looked at someone and told yourself that you’re in love? Have you felt the metaphoric ‘butterflies in the stomach’ or the ‘spring in your step’? Of course, along with it comes the confusion, the longing and the incessant day-dreaming.

Turning Out is the story of

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