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Indrani Deb

Indrani Deb is the Principal of a Women’s College in West Bengal, India, with a teaching experience of about 30 years as a professor of English Literature. Because of her profession, she has always been interested in the human mind and has found in ancient myths and legends the raw material for understanding the human psyche. This interest has been expressed in this collection of short stories based on mythological characters. Previously, she has authored three books of academic interest, in the sphere of literature, including one on Sanskrit drama. She is also the editor of an internatiRead More...

Myth and the Mind

Books by Indrani Deb

Indian mythology is a teeming storehouse of heroes and heroines, who are psychological studies in themselves. Did you know, for instance, how Krishna’s son, who was his father’s alter ego, tackled the curse to be the destroyer of his entire clan? Did you know that sage Gargi was the only lady amongst legendary sages who competed for the prize for the greatest sage in the sub-continent? Did you know that Sahadev, the youngest Pandava, had qualities

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