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                        Iqbal Ahmad is an Indian citizen living in the historic city of Gwalior, India. He is an engineering graduate having worked as an IT Professional and presently working as a public servant. Almighty Allah said in Holy Quran “KUN FAYAKUN” means “Verily when he intends a thing, his command is “Be” and it is”. Indeed the same happened ,Iqbal experienced some thoughts and a sense of arrangement which in turn brought him towards writing. This emotional journey and love for URDU poeRead More...


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Almighty Allah said in The Holy Quran “Iqra wa rabbukal akram, akramullazi allama bil qalam, Allamal insana maalam yaalam” which means “Recite and your Lord is the most generous, who taught by the pen, Taught man that which he knew not”. Indeed he only poured the thoughts, gave the sense of arrangement which leads to creation of this book. Himmat-e-Khaak is an emotional journey of the author through various facets of life. Urdu is one of the strongest

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By Iqbal Ahmad in Poetry | Reads: 661 | Likes: 1

फ़लसफ़ा  मुझे बता तो सही आख़िर ये माजरा क्या है ? मैं अगर ज़िंदा हूँ तो फिर ,मरा  क्या है ? दिल ये कहता है कि मैं ख़ुद   Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 10:53 PM


By Iqbal Ahmad in General Literary | Reads: 904 | Likes: 2

बेबसी  क्या है ? क्या लज़ीज़ खाने  की ख़्वाहिश होने पर सिर्फ़ दाल रोटी का मुहय्या हो पाना बेबसी है ? या फिर एक बड़ा अफ़सर   Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 09:37 PM

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