Isha Snehal

Isha Snehal is a doctor and an artiste. She weaves the world around her for getting what she wants. She has been trained in several forms of art such as painting, dancing, singing and martial arts other than the medical art. She finds solace in her writing. She has been writing poetry since the age of 14 and has been performing poetry on the stage since 2016, having performed at big stages such as Akshara Theatre and IIT Delhi Rendezvous as a featured poet, and other groups such as Poetry Darbar and Poetry Couture, the Rhyme Republic and has hosted several poetry meets. She draws her inspiratRead More...


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Love, Unlove

Books by Isha Snehal

If you could see a mirror image of loving- you would see the process of unloving, yet it is harder and perhaps harsher. It is unforgiving and confusing. But bring both processes together and you would find a more wholesome way of living where there is both self-compassion and empathy for others. These pairs of poems unravel the contrast between loving and unloving. They will make you reflect and ponder on life experiences and things you hold dear. They will wa

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Why I Scream in Verse

Books by Isha Snehal

Why I Scream in Verse is a series of poems for the woman, for the society, for the self. It questions the norms and pushes the realities on the face, using sarcasm and rhymes. It is a quiet read to burn the fire in your belly and make your heart cringe at the short and crisp cynical verses.

A cup of coffee, Instagram and this little book will bring you to read it over and think it over of the things that are being done and that have been done.

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