Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma is a 24 year old Delhi-ite and an Engineering dropout whose areas of interests are literature, Fiction, Conspiracy theories and spiritual books. Situation, places, people and everything around him compelled him to write and that’s how he came up with stories that he wish could happen in real life. He firmly believes that one should quit his job, buy a ticket, fall in love and never return. He is an aspiring entrepreneur, working in a BPO firm recently and has an experience of about 23 years of life, fun and his parts of ups and downs, which eventually brought out a writer within him too.


Books by Ishan Sharma

Yes it’s another love story in the town, yet not like anything else. It’s about a guy and girl just mad in love, while their elementary phase of love all along with a marriage on the way. Also with some music all this while and the best of emotions, feelings and romance between them.
It’s a serendipitous flow of love and events, when they have to deal with all their relatives around, all the kids who were on their back and everything and everyone who came in between. So with the kind of love that we see around these days, it’s good to see how these two come out of it and if they succeed with something like it? Will they be able to resist themselves and their love in front of everybody else or would they proclaim it to everybody and make it a most memorable trip, the trip to Manali. This happens to be the most important part and also where the pain comes in, within their lives and his eyes.

What happens in Manali?

What do they go through?

Do their efforts go in vain?

Does god have something else in his mind for the two or would it be a hand
from above?

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