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Surbhi Islam

Surbhi Islam is from Murshidabad, West Bengal. She currently is a literature student and a homemaker. She has an immense love for literature and is an avid reader. So, she writes in Hindi, English and Bengali. Her very first collection of Hindi poetry is the reflection of her own life experiences. She takes inspiration from everyone and in everything that surrounds her.  Read More...


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The Bliss of Solitude

Books by Surbhi Islam

Do you like the feeling, when immediately after reading a piece of poetry you start relating with the poet?

Phrases like, “Exactly! My point”, “Hmm she is right”, “Yaar! This one is so true”, “It happened to me too” instinctively comes to your mind?

Then this collection of Hindi poetry is definitely for you.


 Our Facebook and Instagram generation is habituated to read Hindi poetry but in English text.


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