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Ismita Mathur

Mrs Ismita Mathur ‘Muskan’ was born on 21 Feb 1962 at Meerut, U.P., India. After her marriage she shifted to Madhya Pradesh, where she later joined services of MPEB, Jabalpur, in the Telecommunications Department. During her service career, she was an active member of the Womens’ Complaints and Redressal Committee of her organization for about ten years and got exposed to mixed experiences of her contemporaries. She took voluntary retirement from the services in 2016 after serving for 28 long years. Though she was a student of science and technology, she was inclined towards art and cultRead More...

वो, कुछ जानी, कुछ अनजानी

Books by इस्मिता माथुर ‘‘मुस्कान’’

वो, जो कभी कहीं अचानक मिल जाती है, किसी पार्क में, 

सोसायटी की किसी बैंच पर, फ़व्वारे के किनारे लगी सीट पर ।

वो, जो न जाने किस भावावेश में आकर साझा कर लेती है, 

अपनी व्‍यथा, अपन

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तुम्हारी कहानी

Books by इस्मिता माथुर

“उस दिन पहली बार, मैंने नीरज को ध्यान से देखा था। वह मुझे मुग्ध दृष्टि से देख रहा था। गुलाबी साड़ी में लिपटी मैं, बीरबहूटी हो गयी थी। न जाने ये कैसा सम्मोहन, कैसा इन्द्रजाल मेरे चा

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