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Col Jagadish Chandra Kakati (Retd)

Col. Jagadish Kakati (Retd.), aged sixty-five, was an officer of the Air Defence Army. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy, he took to translating novels and short articles from English to Assamese post his retirement. His short articles got published in various Assamese magazines. His translation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles was published as a series in Rahasya, a mystery magazine. This is his first translated work from Assamese to English.  He is an active member of Sri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM), an international organisation, where members practice HeRead More...

The Palace Maid

Books by Col Jagadish Kakati

The story revolves around Prince Sundar of the Ahom dynasty in Assam in North-East India during the medieval period. Sundar, the crown prince, is seriously searching for the complete liberation of his soul and thereby shuns the company of women. The Queen Mother forces him to get married against his will to Princess Kanchanmoti, who is in love with Ananga, Sundar’s friend. Expectedly, the marriage ends in disaster.

Enter Shewali, an innocent maidserva

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