Adukuri Jagannath Rao

AJ Rao (Adukuri Jagannath Rao) is a retired bank official who lives in Hyderabad. Poetry and photography are his chief interests and he blogs on the subjects extensively. He writes an off-on poetry commentary blog on the visual aspects of poetry and another on Indian poetry. He writes a poetry blog post "A poem a day" at the crack of dawn every day.


His earlier poetry collection Light Grew Less in His Eyes and Other Poems is available as a paperback published by Notion Press and also as an E-book on Amazon and other outlets.


Making Love in The Air And Other Impressions

Books by Adukuri Jagannath Rao

These two hundred and forty odd poems are based on actual experience. They were written, one poem a day, during the last six to seven years.

All poetry is confessional in nature, from a certain uneasiness arising from doubts about the world and how we have been tackling it. Poetry is a way in which one can make sense of life. The magic of words enthralls us by the pictures they hide.

The poems about nature are a celebration of nature in all her glory. The poems are based on actual experiences of nature's beauty that have evoked pleasure giving sensations in the poet, and the poems try to give expressions to the joy.

Some poems on nature are experiences recreated as if by short brushstrokes, as they have impacted the author’s mind. They may be perceived in layers of sound to a kind of ripple effect touching several things at the same time and are meant to be perceived in a haze.

Some of the poems are object poems, so called because the focus is on the nature of things, on the light that falls on them, telling their stories, the way they share space with other things and us.

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Light grew less in his eyes and other poems

Books by Adukuri Jagannath Rao

Poetry is product of an exquisite sensibility, the ability to respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences. Is there a sensibility unique to a country or its people, directly flowing from their cultural conscious? Apart from the poet’s own sensitivity to the influences around him, the sensibility relates to the people who form his milieu. An Indian poet writing in English will draw from his own cultural conscious and incorporate in his vision complex aesthetic influences working on him to produce poetry that relates to his people. Such work will still have some appeal to a global audience because the English that results is a unique creation of Western expression with Indian flavor. The myths that form the stuff of poetry may have been born in the Indian soil but its memes, defined as units of cultural expression, will always have something in them to appeal to a much wider audience.

We do not have daffodils in India for a Bloomsbury poet to write poems about. But we have our own unique sensory influences to work upon. But essentially poetry remains a universal experience that is enjoyed by audiences anywhere in the world.

The 175 -odd poems in this collection are rooted in Indian sensibility. The imagery used in them are reflective of the language patterns employed by the people of this country. Their recurring myths are familiar to an average Indian and do not warrant scholastic efforts to relate them to their context.

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