jagannath rao adukuri

Hyderabad, India

A.J.Rao (Adukuri Jagannath Rao) is a retired bank official who lives in Hyderabad. Poetry and photography are his chief interests and he blogs on the subjects extensively. His web presence is quite large .He writes an off-on poetry commentary blog dealing with the visual aspects of poetry. He writes a poetry blog post- "A Poem A Day"- at the crack of dawn every day.


Poetry is product of an exquisite sensibility, the ability to respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences. Is there a sensibility unique to a country or its people, directly flowing from their cultural conscious? Apart from the poet’s own sensitivity to the influences around him, the sensibility relates to the people who form his milieu. An Indian poet writing in English will draw from his own cultural conscious and incorporate in his vision complex aesthetic influences working on him to produce poetry that relates to his people. Such work will still have some appeal to a global audience because the English that results is a unique creation of Western expression with Indian flavo...

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