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Dr. Jagruti Vyas Trivedi

Poet and Professor
Poet and Professor

Dr. Jagruti Vyas Trivedi hails from a family that’s deeply steeped in spirituality and culture. Her inclination toward literature, especially poetry, and her upbringing in a serene ambience nurtured her poetic imagination, resulting in this debut poetry collection. She believes that poetry can ignite the minds and souls of people, making them transcend this world of sensory perception. In her poems, she mingles the flavor of diverse moods and sensibilities intrinsic to the process of creation.   She received her doctoral degree in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath and is presently working as an asRead More...


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Dear Life

Books by Dr. Jagruti Vyas Trivedi

Have you ever felt that there is something that connects you to the world beyond? 

Does the whispering sound within make you feel restless? 

Has the drip-drop of the raindrop ever reminded you of some half-forgotten stories?

Have you ever touched the delicacies and intricacies of a woman’s heart?

This book will certainly take you through the myriad moods of life, unveiling a new story at each new turn. It transcends the subjecti

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