Jamal Mohammed Siddiqui

LLB Student, Author, Poet & F.Journalist
LLB Student, Author, Poet & F.Journalist

Jamal Mohammed Siddiqui is a graduate from the Nizam College, Osmania University Hyderabad India where he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, and obtained MBA by D L from USA. Apart from the university degrees, he did sales training and followed the Legal Office Course in Canada. He is also a holder of the Diploma in Journalism that he completed from London, the United Kingdom. He worked in Pharmaceutical Import & Export, Food Industry and Legal Industry. He had incredible feelings by the sudden revelations of poetic verses coming to his head for the first time in his life when he was in Canada. In the short period of 45 days, being greatly inspired, he was able to write all the pieces of poetry that comprise this book. It took him only three months to organize them into one volume and reveal his poetry to the world. These verses, though being written during one swift wave of inspiration, are very different from one another, describing such eternal concepts as beauty, truth, wisdom and life from diverse perspectives. The author firmly believes in the true nature of one old saying that states the following: “Medicine and law, business and engineering are all noble pursuits and are vitally important to sustain our physical existence. However, poetry and beauty, romance and love these are the pursuits of our hearts that are vitally important to keeps alive our souls”. I strongly believe that whoever opens this book will be impressed to the deepest senses of his heart by the love and beauty embodied into the subtle poetical verses, very delicate and extremely profound in their endeavour of explicating the truth.


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This is an intrinsic and eye-catching book of poetry, full of good, dramatic, emotional, love couplets and ghazals that will surely leave you wanting more, not to mention in the virtual and thematic worlds brought out by the poets. The poetry are irresistible and, also, there is originality and a high sense of expertise in the form of plot and ideas. The couplets were originally written in the native Urdu language and were later translated into English thus bo

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