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Jayendra Puri Goswami

Jayendra Puri Goswami is a twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur and social activist from the charming city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Fairly spiritual from heart, he believes that every one of us shares a marvelous relationship with the Almighty, and each human has the right to find that relationship and live a beautiful and fulfilled life in this world. He loves his family. He’s also a nature lover, an animal lover, a speed fanatic and he’s fond of doing some kickboxing, guitar-playing, painting and motorcycle-riding. Jayendra, along with his friends, also runs a social happiness group namely Spread Some Smiles, which does various campaigns for enhancing happiness, joy and gratitude in the society. He’s constantly engaged in learning about the glories, the powers, the capabilities of people and he loves to get inspired by them. This story is created as the sum of most of the important lessons he’s learnt in his small ongoing life, which has turned out to be a real blessing. He wishes that this story touches the hearts of the readers, makes them laugh a little and amplifies happiness and positivity in them as he dedicates it to the Creator Himself.

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