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jayesh mody

J M Mody, is a nature lover and with curiosity to understand incredible astonishing nature in more details, he loves to move to the places of his interest. Graduated in biology and completed his master made him to continue with his passion. He enjoys studying different lifestyles and cultures within human societies. His previous book “Don’t Panic” Lead a happy and blissful life, is much revered by his readers ( He has passed through many challenging situations in his life. He developed a distinctive approach towards life, and after having enormous experience, inspiredRead More...

Empowered Mothers as Trendsetters

Books by J M MODY

Handbook for Mothers / Parents: 

Delving mother and children connection.

The book Empowered Mothers as Trendsetters is on the relationship between the parents, especially the mother and her children. The author insists on intimate harmony between the husband and wife, mother and children, to remain persistent for earnest accomplishments. 

                The author believes that there is an implied concurrence between moth

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Don’t Panic

Books by Jayesh Mody

The present modernization has made everyone’s lives smooth and comfortable, but has deprived people of inner joy and bliss.

The young children get misled and indulged in unwarranted activities affecting peace and happiness of such families and in turn societies at large.

Women are the precious entities as potent rescuers who can redeem the situation. If they are allowed to play their effective role as moulders of young minds many of the burning

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