Bca Student @ mg university
Bca Student @ mg university

Jerin Antony Pallithara was born on August 01, 2001 in Alappuzha, Kerala. From a young age, he had the talent of dreaming up mysterious landscapes and filling it up with people and events. The vast open expanses of the beautiful paddy fields in Kuttanadu where he grew up probably helped him to let loose his unbridled imagination. The Secrets of Illuminates and the Realization is his first book as a debutant author.Read More...


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The Secrets of Illuminates

Books by Jerin Antony Pallithara

A conjuncture happens for Lucas in St. Peters. The boy who is the last illuminate and the carrier of secrets shall be exposed. Thirteen years ago, a chase was started with a kiss of death on a great personality. The realization is going to be revealed by the sign on contestment. Hell breaks loose when the dark angel arrives for Lucas. But the time hasn’t come to surrender. There begins the end of a decade and the beginning of a new era under Lucas for th

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Welcome To The Afterlife

By JERIN ANTONY PALLITHARA in Science Fiction | Reads: 3,774 | Likes: 21

A bright and sunny day, a calm and quite seashore where small tides were kissing the shore one after the other. The murmering sound with small acid bubble exploading was heard. Beyond the yellowish and grey sand and beside a snag pine tree there was a bench. Lucas was sitting there by admiring the h  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 03:57 PM

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