Indie Author Championship #6

Jeshma Chand

The author is a day dreamer-turned author. This is her first book, which is a collection of 10 short stories – some are really short; you may wonder if they are a reflection of how short life is. Through these stories, she wants to let others know that there are still so many stories left untold in the universe and that is why the world is in great need of writers. Her passions apart from writing – be it dance, music or theatre – are a way of storytelling. She believes that if there is an umbrella term to cover all things on earth, it would be the word storytellers.Read More...

Sealed with a Thread

Books by Jeshma Chand

The female protagonists in the stories search for that one moment of realisation in life – the moment when life falls apart. Sometimes, it is a way into something else; sometimes it is a way out; sometimes it’s a path in between. However, more often than not, they don’t know that they are in search of that moment. How is that passing moment going to change the way they look at life? Where and how will it occur? Are they ready for it?

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