Jhangir Kerawala

Jhangir Kerawala is from Kolkata and entered the corporate sector as an accountant after graduation. Finding it not to his liking, he switched over to the creative sector. He brought out a comic series, The Adventures of Timpa, in 1986, and soon after wrote six books for young adults. In 2012, he continued writing full-time. His first book, JFK, was a crime thriller, followed by The Phoenix of Persia and Girl in the Red Corridor. Author email -  jhangirk@gmail.comRead More...


Where Dragons Roar

Books by Jhangir Kerawala

Deep in the heart of the ancient and mystic land of Tibet, a Dragon runs through recklessly and fearlessly. It’s now been over seventy years of pain and humiliation, but no country on Earth has shown any grit or guts to bring justice to this pure land.

Nyima, a carefree Tibetan refugee in India, sneaks back to the land of his ancestors as a fugitive wanted for murder, desperately seeking temporary shelter. His plans go awry as he reluctantly joins a b

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Girl in the Red Corridor

Books by Jhangir Kerawala

Have you ever come face to face with a stark, raving maniac?

No? Good! Keep it that way … but don’t read this book if you’re not keen on meeting one.


Because this is the strange and terrifying story of two completely different people.

One, an innocent young woman in Kolkata. The other, a mad maniac who is also a seasoned Maoist.

One, in search of a lost uncle.

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