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Joachim Matschoss

Joachim Matschoss was born in Germany and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is a playwright, poet and a theatre-maker. He has created theatre in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Switzerland and China.

Joachim’s poetry, notably the collection, thieves of time (2013), was published in Australia. His poetry has also been published in Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA where he also released a novel, Dead River Oaks (2006) and a literary journal, The old world on Desire-lines (2011).

Joachim published a travel journal in Australia, Away with me (2006). More recently a book about theatre and travel, Rain Overnight (2016) has been published in India, as was his collection of plays, Missing in Me and other plays (2017).



Books by Joachim Matschoss

I have been led through familiar cities, glimpsed moments from the lives of strangers and caught fragments of their overheard conversations. But these are more than poetic snapshots of contemporary life. These poems are imbued with disdain for privilege and compassion for those without it. Every now and then the poet turns his gaze upon himself evoking places he has been and moments he has lived. This juxtaposition between the lives of strangers and the deeply

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Travels with Myself

Books by Joachim Matschoss

The haiku that punctuate Joachim Matschoss' travels work as luminous mile-markers, cryptic road signs and legends on maps that trail off into myth and legend.
Matschoss understands that the language of intimacy between humans extends to interactions with landscape, history, animals and weather. These haiku find the sum of their many parts in a palpable immediacy and longing.

-          Anthony L

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Missing in Me and Other Plays

Books by Joachim Matschoss

Joachim Matschoss is a highly professional and creative theatre practitioner, artist, writer and teacher. I have watched him work with students of mine and both they and I have found his work inspirational and challenging.

-Mark Eckersley

Joachim is a theatre director with much finesse who creates student performances which focus on 'real' young people issues. Not only does he create these works but he inevitably takes them on int

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Rain Overnight

Books by Joachim Matschoss

The boy was fascinated by theatre. He was intrigued by new places and by new journeys, from a very young age.

He was always full of mischievous ideas. His head was full of noises, and only the theatre could calm him, pull his restless mind into a single story, make him listen and give shape to his dreams. The boy loved everything about theatre, and even after sixty years, he still does.

The boy grew up cushioned by the voice of his father, which

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