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John T. D. Caleb, Manu Thomas Mathai

John T. D. Caleb is an arachnologist whose research mainly focuses on the spider diversity, taxonomy and DNA barcoding. He has described 40 new spider species across India and has over eighty research papers on an extensive range of taxonomic research on Indian spiders. His passion towards the systematics and biogeography of salticids got him the “Herbert Levi Fund for Arachnological Research” in 2017 by the American Arachnological Society for studying the Salticids of India. He is also associated with the curation of arachnids at the Museum and Field Stations facility, National Centre forRead More...

Field Guide to the Jumping Spiders of the Tropical Dry Evergreen Scrub

Books by John T. D. Caleb, Manu Thomas Mathai

This book is a compilation of a decade long work by the authors. This is the first of its kind photographic field guide dedicated solely for Indian jumping spiders. It covers jumping spider species from the scrub jungles which are a part of the vanishing Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests. It showcases the diversity with colorful digital images of each species along with characters to recognize them in the field. It includes details of 43 species recorded from the

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