John Robert

Speaker, Writer and wildlife Photographer
Speaker, Writer and wildlife Photographer

John Robert has over two decades of experience in project management, operations, and supply chain. Having worked with both infrastructure projects and new product development programs, he has comprehensive experience in brick-and-mortar projects as well as complex, cognitive projects.  He started his career as a project engineer and engaged in various roles which covered the entire spectrum of project stakeholders as consultant, client, end-user, project manager, and leader, which offered 360 degrees insights on projects. He has had the opportunity to envision, institute, and lead PMOs for bRead More...


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2-minute Stories

Books by John Robert

Embark on a journey with "2-minute Stories," a collection that brings together bite-sized parables, business case studies, and real-life events from the world of managers and leaders. Originating as a celebrated series of newsletters on LinkedIn, the overwhelming positive response has propelled these narratives into a concise and impactful book.

The primary goal of "2-minute Stories" is to nurture the growth of adept managers and inspirational leaders.

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Corporate Gladiator’s Handbook of Project Management

Books by John Robert

"Unlock Your Project Management Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Success!"

Are you ready to take your project management skills to new heights? Look no further than this comprehensive guide that will revolutionize the way you approach and execute projects.

This book uses a metaphor of the 'corporate gladiator' for project managers, given the challenges and opportunities they confront. From initiating and planning to executing and closing, each

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Project Management for the Newer Normal

Books by John Robert With Mike Teiler

Pandemic has once changed our lives forever!

Project management is no exception. The new normal demands more from less.

Learn how your own project team can minimize time to market by a simple relay race model. Easy to manage, quick to deliver processes.

Enhance communication, processes, metrics, and reporting. Synergize, reinforce the team with the simple handover process.

Reinvent the project management processes

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Leadership Journey of a Project Manager

Books by John Robert

Management is about results and leadership is about its causes. When a manager traveling in the leaders’ path, the nexus of both can unleash the unlimited potential that the information age projects have to offer. This is a book of stories and tools that make one embark on the leadership journey to reinvent the unborn leader from within. Velocity, Value, and Purpose are the cornerstones of the new triple opportunities in place of Time, Cost, and Scope as

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Projects @ Relay Race

Books by John Robert, Mike Teiler

Why is every project always late? How is a standard relay race team able to routinely out-do Usain Bolt? P@RR will show you how to apply the Relay Race metaphor to every project you manage. + What are the secrets of proper use of your resources? When is it ok to "waste" them? + Is it ever ok to multitask? How can you implement these secrets into the management of your own projects, and be faster than fast? +P@RR will reveal the secrets. +P@RR will s

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Spiral Staircase Project Management

Books by John Robert

As projects become increasingly complex, the traditional methods are proving to be inadequate to meet challenges and embrace opportunities it offers. Businesses aim at getting their product faster to the market with superior quality to make most of the shorter lifecycle. To achieve this, we need is a fresh approach and transformation in the ways of managing projects:

From controlling chaos to unleashing potential From rigid frameworks to flexible, agile an

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கார்ப்பரேட் கிளாடியேட்டர்

By John Robert in Adventure | Reads: 3,322 | Likes: 3

இளங்காலையில், இரவின் ஓடுகளை பறவைகளின் சத்தம் கொத்திக் கொத்தி உடைத்துக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது. என்னுடைய டெகாத்லான்   Read More...

Published on Jun 25,2022 07:31 PM

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