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Akepogu John Methuselah is 62 years old. He worked in a pharmaceutical company for 30 years as a medical representative and later as a manager. He has been married for the last 32 years and blessed with two daughters. He has published articles in Reader’s Digest and the Hindu Open Page. He enjoys writing in the Romance genre and the experiences he has had with doctors, which were sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, have made him understand that doctors are also humans but do their best to alleviate the sufferings of mankind. He witnessed how pharmaceutical companies compete to get their prRead More...


Swaying with the Wind

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‘Will you join me for a cup of coffee at the college cafeteria?’ A sweet voice requested at his back. He turned around and saw Priya, his college mate, looking at him with an endearing smile.

Was it love at first sight? He never knew, nor did he want to. He forgot all his worries when he was with her.

She came from a liberated family, extroverted and fun loving. And he from a shackled home, introverted and brooding.

Priya brings a whif

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By John Methuselah in True Story | Reads: 4,903 | Likes: 16

BRAVEHEART SANDHYAMMA Summer holidays at our village were full of fun and frolic. Grandfather would purchase a huge basket of mangoes and we would gorge on those delicious, juicy ones. We had fun lazing around under the shade of the huge neem tree or cover the bullock cart with bed-sheets and mattre  Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2022 06:35 PM

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