Johnny English

Cape Town, South Africa

Johnny English has a free spirit, with a lifetime of traveling behind him. Since his parents separated when he was a small boy, he went to visit his father in Australia when he was a teenager, and subsequently developed a passion for traveling. This book follows a series of adventures as he travels through the United States. Today he lives in Cape Town with his South African wife.


Let me take you on a journey through the USA. Starting in New York City, and continuing on to Niagara Falls, Chicago and New Orleans, from where we start our grand road trip of the South. Experience this journey with us as it happens to us, with the highs and the lows, discovering new places along the way, with lots of information on all the famous sights, as well as the new sights we come across on the way. How to get the best deals, how to save costs on accommodation, food and the like! We will visit all of the known places along our route, and find new ones of interest as well as unknown and interesting facts and local anecdotes. Learn the dos and the don’ts and feel like you are ...

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