Jotham Karstan N

Eleven-year-old Jotham Karstan N resides in Chennai and studies in St. Michael’s Academy, Adyar.   His interest in writing was spurred by his interest in reading, which hasbeen his hobby from a very young age. He is passionate about books andis a voracious reader.   In his leisure time, he loves to draw cartoons and comics that interest people of his age. He has written several poems, short stories and dramas and regularly participates in speech competitions. He has won awards and has been recognized for his creative work. He enjoys learning music, and he composes tunes for hisRead More...


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The Island of Hopes

Books by Jotham Karstan. N

A stormy day…. Our ship is almost in ruins….The unrelenting sea is showing no signs of stopping even for a moment…. Water has entered the deck … so we have no safety. Will we find glory?

Or become history?

A sailor takes his family on a voyage. However, trouble ensues when a raging storm takes them to the edge, threatening to drown them in the sea!

Will they escape? Or will their fairy tale become a “feary” tale?

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