Joy R Bhamre

Author & Soft Skills Trainer
Author & Soft Skills Trainer

Joy R Bhamre is a literature gold medalist, a voracious bookworm, an MA literature guide, a writer, and a Cambridge certified trainer with 12+ years of experience.  Her love affair with words began with penning poetical satires on her college professors.  With a 10 to 7 job (soft skills + process trainer) and 2 mischievous kids (who make the demons look less intimidating), she writes fiction interspersed with mythical or fantastic creatures that share the same human emotions we all feel: joy, pain, love, despair, hope, fear, jealousy. When not writing, you’ll find her either spRead More...



Books by Joy R Bhamre

Can a demon be good?

Can a woman rule Hell?

Will the human race face extinction?

Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, is destined to ascend the throne of his father Satan, but he does not want to.

Dawn thinks she is an ordinary mortal woman, but she isn’t.

Augustus Steel has an invention that would wipe off half the population of the Earth.

And he means to use it.

Three kingdoms Heaven, Hell, and Earth are going t

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Love Marriage Arranged Marriage

By Joy R Bhamre in Romance | Reads: 854 | Likes: 1

  It was a long time ago. Perhaps not really that long a time that I could tell you I was this carefree college girl in jeans or the junior college girl in the teensy miniskirt. I was really neither of those girls. I was the girl who believed in convention or rather believed that if I did step   Read More...

Published on Apr 28,2020 06:32 PM

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