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Jawaharlal Shanmugam

A management professional by qualification and experience. A creative director by passion. Being a true patriot, a well-known social activist and a public interest litigant handling critical issues concerning the public at large in the state and country. An anti-corruption crusader, and an upcoming author. His last fictional novel The Mind and The Heart, portraying the saga of two eminent and world-renowned cardiac surgeons from India and Australia, received rich accolades. With medical research as the core theme, the fiction takes India and Indians' image to Himalayan heights.   Email: juRead More...

Nightmare in Enchanting Deep Woods

Books by Jawaharlal Shanmugam

The fiction is an environmental thriller cum romantic drama set in an enchanting atmosphere.

SWAPNA: Any good news!

VIJAY (blissfully): Yes. Clinched a new exciting project.

SWAPNA: Wow! Fantastic.

She gives a high five to Vijay, and both of them get into the main hall. Hariharan and Mythili look cheerful seeing their would-be son-in-law.

VIJAY: Uncle, going to do a prestigious docume

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Kodai Veera

Books by Jawaharlal Shanmugam

A fiction, portraying the power, commitment, and dedication of patriotic Indians in taking the country forward.

KAUSALYA: So, how was your journey to Kodai? You have visited Kodai earlier, or is this the first time?

EASWARI: First time. Sister, right from Chennai Egmore station last evening, I have seen some unbelievable things in my life.

KAUSALYA (curiously): Unbelievable things! Sounds interesting!

EASWARI: Sister, I met a fantas

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The Mind and the Heart

Books by Jawaharlal Shanmugam

Fiction depicts the beauty of true friendship and humanity.


Former MD, Johnson & Johnson, Medical, India


Former VP, South Asia and MD, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, India

 ‘Darling, read this.’ Lakshmi feels there’s too much suspense and pressure, and her face is the index of her mind. She opens and reads.

With excitement on her face looming large

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GURU: King, you have to render justice, as deemed appropriate without any bias. That is your duty and dharma. The law of the land is the same for all. Go and deliver the judgement.

Nagarajan bows to his Guru and goes and stands right at the center facing the crowd.

NAGARAJAN: The sin committed by my son Nagamani in killing the innocent boy is a heinous crime. He deserves severe punishment. In this kingdom the law is universal. Henc

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Divine Intervention

Books by Jawaharlal Shanmugam

Tamilselvi, working as a Captain in a leading restaurant, saves the life of a rich customer Ashok, who develops heart attack. She does Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedure instantly. Ashok and his wife Priya get to know the life story of Tamilselvi and how she learned CPR.

Tamilselvi, being a brilliant student from a government corporation school in Madurai, couldn’t succeed in pursuing medicine degree course due to the new

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