Dr.Jyuthica .K. Laghate

A dentist-researcher by qualification but a true mentor by passion, Dr. Jyuthica .K. Laghate has wholesomely devoted fourteen years of her professional life to teaching English for various international exams, majorly GRE, SAT, GMAT and IELTS. Despite pursuing a lucrative health care research job in the UK, she constantly felt the pressing desire to return to her hometown, Pune in India and start a one-of-its-kind knowledge initiative that would smoothen the way for students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. With a fire in her belly and extreme fondness for teaching and making a difRead More...


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The Empty-Handed Altruist

Books by Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate

The opulent were thrifty,

But the paupers, magnanimous!

It wasn’t charity of the ‘Big Bucks’, 

But the role of a teary-eyed, starving elder brother

Feeding his baby brother, the grubs he collected from the garbs;

‘Benevolence’ and ‘charity’

Coming from the fist of the ‘Empty-handed’.

A doting boy, Manas, takes care of his infant brother, Manan, after his parents succumb to addiction and live l

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Dr. J's GMAT Critical Reasoning

Books by Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate

Dr. J's GMAT Critical Reasoning: A Smart Guide is a fully solved, compact guide that covers all the nooks and corners of critical reasoning in the Graduate Management Aptitude test. The various categories of critical reasoning questions are covered in-depth in terms of understanding their implied assumptions, conclusions, fast tricks and strategies to decode and answer them with complete accuracy and precision.

Every answer option is explained in detail

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Soul Séances

Books by Dr. Jyuthica. K. Laghate

Soul Seances is an account of the daily conversations between a soul and its body, by a middle-aged Punjabi lady named Jeeva Sharma. The book has a deeper message of soul awareness, introspection, reflection and the importance of living a soulful life in the modern hustle-bustle. This one-of-a-kind book speaks volumes about the saga of the protagonist, Jeeva – a typical, society-fearing girl – who suppresses herself every time to fit into the groove. Her s

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Dr.J’s GRE Vocabulary

Books by Dr.Jyuthica .K. Laghate

Dr.J’s Guide to GRE Vocabulary is a profound attempt to provide students with novel, logically determined and easy techniques to ace the infinite and immensely complex GRE vocabulary. It is a one-of-its-kind book that clearly, deeply and precisely throws light on the frequently repeated words in the exam as well as the essential word cluster that every student needs to grasp to score well in the exam.

GRE Verbal Reasoning is like Pandora’s B

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