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Kalpesh Sheth is a gynaecologist, running his own medical practice in Mumbai for the last 40 years. As a medical consultant, he has interacted with lakhs of patients on a personal level and has lived their journeys with them over the years. He has known their agonies and ecstasies, which only a doctor can witness so closely. This enriching experience, along with his passion for reading, led him to pick up the pen and author this book of short stories to bring out how unpredictable life is, and how all our plans can be turned upside down when life happens. These tales are all about realities, fantasies, and everything in between, as lived, experienced, heard and penned by him.

His wife, Mala, is a dentist. Swapneel and Elisabeth, son and daughter-in-law respectively, are PhDs and are working at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

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24 tales. 24 choices. 24 consequences.

“For all young adults and young-at-heart adults!”

We often look at life as black and white. What happens when life throws such situations in our face, which are neither black nor white?

These tales will compel you to travel to grey areas and challenge your ethics and moralities.

What’s right and what’s wrong are often nothing but mirages. Our beliefs often come cras

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