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Kalpesh Pranali Vedak

Kalpesh Vedak, born in Vile Parle, is by profession, a software engineer. He regards himself less of a writer and more of a storyteller. He is married to Aarti Vedak and has a six-year-old son, Nachiket.

His other works include Yodha Dawn Of The Warrior and a sequel to it, Yodha Army Of Durga.


His Road & Her Journey

Books by Kalpesh Pranali Vedak

Baban decides to jump into electoral politics from being just a party cadre. His sharp mind and unique strategies makes him famous in the political world. But with fame he also creates threats for himself. Baban's wife Vanita stands by her husband in thick and thin. But as the two find more challenges it is Vanita who steps up ahead to surprise everyone. In this political game where ambitions makes one sell their loyalties, both Baban and Vanita are tested at

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Yodha Dawn of the Warrior

Books by Kalpesh Pradip Vedak

Three kingdoms. Two allies. One enemy. Three priests. A young prince and a princess in love. A warrior. A teacher with wisdom like nothing before. Yodha – The Dawn of the Warrior is a tale of love, betrayal, conspiracy, war and a quest for the truth. Two kingdoms have brokered a rather strong sense of peace to unite them – but all of a sudden, a seed of conspiracy is sown, and the peace between the nations is shaken up. A challenge to save love and a fight

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Shoe Thief

By Kalpesh Pranali Vedak in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 3,113 | Likes: 18

                            ...............when they walked towards the temple, Sarika looked at a worried Arun. She thought of asking him but then gave up on that thought. Once outside the temple, Sarika saw Arun taking a plastic  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:45 PM

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