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Author | Singer | Dreamer

Kanupriya Iyer is a bundle of energy who wishes to try everything under the sun. She is a little uncertain about seafood, so that’s on pause right now. After years of seeking her niche and failing miserably, being the ‘jack of all trades’ seems to be her only option. This is her humble attempt at humour. With no luck in shutting the voices in her head, she decided to give them and herself some peace by writing their stories as books. So far, so good. She kick-started her writing journey with her novel, ‘HUMSUFFERS’. This is her second book.Read More...


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The Family Lockdown

Books by Kanupriya Iyer

What do you get when you add a perfectly happy sales manager, his pun-loving wife, a charitable young lady who is soon to be married, a retired old couple who just want to see their kids settled, an 87-year-old grandpa whose only pastime is grumbling, two sisters who will be there for their sibling no matter what, a struggling mom with a pair of notorious pre-teens, a grand old lady who has resigned herself to dropping just one wisdom-bomb per day, and slip a

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Books by Kanupriya Iyer

“Stay away from me,” he screamed and walked out. 

He stormed into our bedroom and locked the door shut. I heard the distinct crash of the bedside lamp. I didn’t know what to do. I curled up on the sofa, hugging myself, as tears welled my eyes.

Akash had completely adored Samantha from the moment he laid eyes on her. They were the perfect couple; the source of envy for everyone who saw them together!

What, then, could possibly cause

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By Kanupriya in Life Journey | Reads: 10,076 | Likes: 54

The fragrance of the new blossoms went unnoticed, as seven pairs of eyeballs followed the rugged, scratched cricket ball, the colour of stale meat, flying across their makeshift pitch and landing with an audible crunch over the dozen half-broken flowerpots overgrown with grass and weeds on Mr. Ranga  Read More...

Published on Jun 18,2022 10:59 PM

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