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Karoleena Koilpillai

Ms Karoleena K Pillai emerged into this world as a ‘failure’ through a cut made in her mother’s abdomen. Grownups did not perceive the surgical delivery to be a ‘bad omen’ until they knew she was a girl. Neither the surgical operation nor her gender was a choice, but for the latter, they despised her. Not everyone deemed it a failure; her family embraced her birth with pride-filled tears and enclosed her in the warmth of their love. When she felt the difference in their emotion, she realized that what may seem like a ‘failure’ in the vision of some will be extolled as a victory bRead More...

The Undermined Fallacies

Books by Karoleena K. Pillai

Do you feel you’re drowning in a pool of expectations? Are you pushed into running an endless rat race? Is the knowledge possessed by fellow sprinters used as a yardstick to measure your wisdom? 

Leena answers all these questions in the affirmative. Having escaped from repeating grade 9 by the skin of her teeth, she finds nothing different about the lauded ‘life-changing’ grade 10. She detests her monotonous school life and finds herself stuck in

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