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Karthik Kumar has many first generation startups, in all his avatars – entrepreneur, standup comic, film actor, speaker and now writer. But his most prized ‘startup’ avatar is being the co-founder of Evam, an arts-based entrepreneurship. You can find his latest standup comedy special on Amazon Prime, his feature films in various languages and motivational talks on Youtube, live theatre productions nowhere but live, and his first book, in your hands right now.  In Don’t Startup, he recounts the journey of going into an unknown area as an entrepreneur and tRead More...


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Don't Startup

Books by Karthik Kumar

No one tells you that:

Money is seldom the reason why people don’t start businesses – fear of money is. 

Failures will far outnumber successes. Make failure a friend. Become familiar with it – know how to look it in the eye and find out more about it.  

People do business with people they like and are familiar with. To most people, YOU are the business. 

There is no good or bad investor; there are only right or wrong inves

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