Karun Divij Balachandar

Karun Divij Balachandar, ‘Karun’ as known to his friends, is sixteen and is studying in Grade II in Trio World Academy International School, Bangalore. He had a brief academic spell in South Point School, Kolkata, during the year 2008-09. He has since demonstrated scholarly achievements in academics and extra-curricular activities.

He is intensely devoted to environment protection and preserving Earth’s natural resources particularly billions of years’ preserved fossil minerals and fuels.

Animals, teaching, skateboarding and gaming are some of Karun's varied interests. He enjoys working with children, particularly telling them stories of great heroes from mythology and history. He has a fixed ‘appointment’ with children every Friday, exclusively for story telling!

While most ten year olds were busy hanging out with their friends and viewing films on the TV, Karun spent his free time reading books and gathering information online about the Universe and other important issues that grappled the world.

He enjoys reading various genres, from world mythology to Asterix comics, books on Astronomical Sciences also included!

He has interests in medical sciences too. He hopes to become a paediatrician.

This is Karun’s first published book and he is now working on several other writing projects.





The Teenager's Guide to the Universe

Books by Karun Divij Balachandar

“This book is all about explaining the wonders of the cosmos in the colloquial language that is often used by the teenagers of today. I wrote this book so that children and teens who didn’t know anything about the universe would understand the great universe in all its glory.”

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