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Kavita Sharma

Uttar Pradesh, India

Kavitha Sharma is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong performance track record in high-paced organizations like Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Satyam and Sapient. She has led many complex projects and programs with great CSAT and ESATS (customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction). In her career span of twenty years, she has played the roles of programmer, architect, project manager, program manager and engagement manager. As a reviewer of PMBOK, sixth edition, she is ideal to understand the PMBOK concepts and present the overall direction for the PMP exam and project management expectations. As a project management and leadership consultant, Kavita Sharma is focused on increasing people effectiveness in project management and leadership skills. Feedbacks like “her workshops are fun,” “focused on applying knowledge” and “great real project examples” describe her workshops.


You know, I have been told by many that reading the PMP manual is the most boring task one would ever want to do. Then, reading it and passing the PMP would certainly be an arduous task. On the contrary to my belief of PMP guides being boring, I found your book extremely gripping and an easy read. Even a challenged person like me could read one chapter after another with utmost ease. I really liked the "Let's Play" element you have put in to sustain interest and do a memory test. You have been very creative about using instances to drive the learning – very effective learning methodology. I can imagine the readers shouting in joy "That was easy!" after clearing the PMP exam. Overall – Excellent book… leaves an indelible mark on the memory. What more would the PMP aspirants ask for? CP Gurnani CEO – Tech Mahindra

* * * Thanks for making my first book, Pass PMP in 21 Days – Practice Tests, a success. I wanted to give a COMPLETE book to my readers which should be breezy to read. The Study Guide will help you to map the project managers life with the PMBOK concepts. This enables the first step towards PMP, which is understanding the concept. Once you are able to understand then the only task remain is to apply and assess. This needs to be planned (you are a Project Manager – right). So towards the end, I’ve provide a 21 Day plan to help you achieve your goal to Pass PMP within a timeline. Feel free to modify as per your availability and your study pattern. I wish you all the best for the PMP exam – You can do it!! Do connect with me for any query at: books@kavitasharma.org http://Kavitasharma.org ...

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