Kavitha Arjun

Not only a software professional and a lawyer, Kavitha Arjun is also an avid writer, chasing her dream and passion for writing! She got inspiration and talent from her late paternal grandfather, a legendary script and story writer of the Tamil movie industry, Thiru Shakthi Krishnasamy, who has won laurels for his exceptional dialogues in Veerapandiya Kattabomman and many other movies. He was also the founder of ‘Shakthi Nadaga Sabha’, which was instrumental in bringing many successful artists into the limelight. Following the footprints of her grandfather and with his blessingRead More...


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Tales with a Twist

Books by Kavitha Arjun

'Tales with a Twist' - Compilation of short stories

In the world full of emotions, life full of sensations and mindful of reactions, we sail through different intensity in the journey of life.  

The idea behind this book is to touch different sentiments we come across in the period of travelling life. With a mix of six senses, a dish of five tastes and  people of six distinct emotions, I present my first collection of short stories t

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The Mystery Repeats

Books by Kavitha Arjun

“Those curves are killing! Can I see ‘them’?” Manish inquires a woman, blatantly with no embarrassment!

“Those curves make your eyes outstanding!”

Meet Manish, a makeup artist from the land of fashion, France.


“James, wake up! Look, there’s police outside!” whispered Trilok. James jumped out of his sleep, awestruck!

“Happy New Year, James! No police! Jus

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On Top of the Tower! Delightful Spring just passed by!      Those colorful flowers of mine fell off dried!             Birds that I used to feed sat by my window and cried!   I haven’t seen them at all,   I a  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 01:39 PM

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