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Robbin Varghese

The Author – ‘Kaysee’ lived in a remote village in her early years.The never ending green fields that stretched into the horizon enticed her.Later, she had to move to a town to complete her graduation in science, following which she worked for a few years as a teacher. Her interaction with children grew intense, when she had her own little ones. She had the comfort of watching her children grow up with their cousins & neighbour’s children leisurely. Kaysee’s mother was an intense reader of books .The Author observed her mother read books into the wee hours of the night in the company of a kerosene lamp. She often heard her grandmother admonishing her ‘Mumma’ on the eventuality of a fire breaking out if the lamp topples. It was only natural for Kaysee to inherit the reading habits of her mother. Later she showed interest in writing poetry & then short stories as well. Kaysee observed how small incidents narrated in the simplest of languages would capture the children’s attention & enrich their minds with important lessons & memories. Kaysee does not claim that her work is plentiful but it sure is a ‘thimbleful’ in that direction.

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