Khadija Fatima

Khadija Fatima, a graduate in International Business from Amity University, Noida. She was born and raised in the Middle East, and currently resides in Dubai. Khadija Fatima, with her life’s perspective of twenty-five years, decided to quit her well-accomplished corporate job at American Express to pen down an enigmatic story of thriller and trepidation, with an attempt to describe human psychology. Her idea behind this book is tobelieve in oneself, with a passion towards the purpose of life. She is now working as a property consultant. Inspite of her tight schedule, you would find her on a vivacious adventure sport, with an endeavour to rule out weaknesses from her life.


She has made her debut with You Think You Know. Your thoughts would be highly appreciated. Kindly feel free to contact me by email on:



You Think You Know

Books by Khadija Fatima

Six distinct yet interconnected people were basking in joy, until an unseen storm occurred turning their lives topsy turvy. It seemed like an imperious act by karma, or were they repercussions of their naivety? Alice, the psychologist, the queen of reading minds, and a psychologist turned humanitarian? The corporate lady Kate, thrives to control the world. The super model Sarah, has been battling with herself, and the rest of the world. The teacher Nerissa, is

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