Kinjal Goyal

Dr. Kinjal Goyal is a Psychotherapist by profession. She is also a passionate writer. With a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, she works with a myriad of issues with people across all ages. Her love for language defines her love for writing and she has studied Creative Writing online with the Oxford University.

Dr. Goyal has worked with many schools in Pune and has held various workshops for children as well as  parents. She has also conducted numerous workshops focusing on mental health for varied groups. She is a regular blogger and routinely posts her essays online. After the success of her previous books, Ashes off the Embers (poetry) and Musings of a Shrink (self-help), she has now written about her take on Parenting in her latest book, ‘No Kidding! Raising Happy Parents’.

Married to Businessman and Developer, Rajesh Goyal, she has two daughters, Saesha and Amaira who are her greatest strength and inspiration.




Musings of a Shrink

Books by Dr. Kinjal Goyal

Musings of a shrink has been written by a practising psychotherapist, Dr. Kinjal Goyal. The topics are real and chosen from her everyday interactions with clients from across the globe.
The writings cover various topics including parenting, relationships, mind power and psychosomatics. Each write up is small and complete in itself. This simple guide to effective living is a powerpacked package and holds simple answers to complex everyday life questions. <

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Ashes off the Embers

Books by Kinjal Goyal

Ashes off the Embers is a collection of poems spanning over twenty years. It is the perfect read for a quiet introspective evening, or when you simply want to lose yourself. Your very own emotions set in rhyme..so real that you can almost see, touch and smell them. Whether it is the melancholy of the fallen rose in ‘Then how come it is’, or the euphoria of the triumphant sun in ‘The Eclipse’, the nuances are intricate and passionately woven. ‘The los

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