Kishore Asrani

Kishore Asrani is the founder of Mind Key Life Skills Training Centre. He is a certified life skills and soft skills trainer, and a swimming coach.


He has conducted workshops for students, individuals and corporate clients on building strong relationships for effective work environments, and in helping them meet the challenges of everyday life. He has conducted Total Personality Development Workshops at colleges, which have benefitted many students. In addition, he has conducted life skills programs in Indonesia and Bangalore, and has visited hospitals as Dr. Clown to make sick children laugh.


“Kishore Asrani, 55, a real estate consultant doubles up as hysterical Dr. Mammu. His experiences have shown him that clowning is like throwing a boomerang. ‘You spread happiness and it comes back to you in turn,’ Asrani says.”

                                                                                                                         India Today magazine




How Dare You Make Me Sad

Books by Kishore Asrani

We all have our own stresses, worries and challenges. And even as these things make life worth living, it is also true that there are instances when we give up.

However, if we pause for a moment and question life with one, very simple question – “How dare you make me sad?” – we can make a resounding difference to ourselves.

Be it controlling our minds or being able to smile through problems, Kishore Asrani offers completely practical soluti

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