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#1 Bestselling Author | Internationally Awarded FILM Producer-Director-Scriptwriter | Actor | SongMaker | CEO of Aamar Nijer My Own Inc. & Korak Day Satyugi Gurikul Pvt. Ltd.
#1 Bestselling Author | Internationally Awarded FILM Producer-Director-Scriptwriter | Actor | SongMaker | CEO of Aamar Nijer My Own Inc. & Korak Day Satyugi Gurikul Pvt. Ltd.

A. Awarded FILM Producer, Director & Screenplay Writer for MY KARMA (English) / KOLKATA’R KALI (Bangla) received ‘Best Film’, ‘Best Debut Director’, ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Grand Prix’ Awards in USA, Japan & Poland at various prestigious Film Festivals. A trained Actor from Roshan Taneja’s
B. Recorded 104 professional Songs as ‘Korak Gaan’ in English Hindi & Bangla.
C. Created many Documentaries, Videos, Music-Videos, Vlogs etc.
D. #1 Best Selling Author: Fiction and Non-Fiction where we have already created and selling 10 books in Amazon, Flipkart & other top online platforms.
E. Taught nearly 15000 students in eight branches of Schools/ Gurukuls for slum-dwellers and poor-villages in and around Kolkata, INDIA.
F. Unwanted-Children Home for nearly 250 unwanted-children and children of poor parents and single-parents.
G. Have Selfless-Family homes for mentally-unstable Destitute, where they live as in their own Ideal-son’s home and not as a charity-shelter. Served nearly 100 destitute with food, lodging etc.
H. Served nearly 600 extremely poor and helpless women and men through our Self-Dependent Village Programs by teaching them how to fish, rather than giving them a fish with pity.
I. In our Animal Rescue Farm we give Abhay-Daan, a fear-free life to cows and other animals, birds & fishes, away from the greedy eaters and butchers.
J. In our ‘Hand-Made Love-Inspired’ handicrafts creations, we created high-fashioned western apparel & Indian saris, cards, handicrafts etc. to give a life of dignity to helpless women & earning-while-getting-educated, to poor children.
K. Enlightened during his late teen and Touched more than a 100,000 people from all over the world directly by Aatmaguru Korak Day in their Souls and through our Art creations.
L. Founder & CEO of AAMAR NIJER MY OWN Inc. registered in NYC, SATWIK HUMANE, a Trust in Kolkata and Founder& CEO of a Private Limited Company: KORAK DAY SATYUGI GURUKUL.

95% of the Royalty of this book goes for Charity. Reach Korak Day here:


LIFE, Your One Last Chance

Books by Korak Day

Our actions speak of what we are, not our ideals, thoughts, talks and plans.

With the best of artificial intelligence, smart robots are created, and with the best of spiritual intelligence, the ideal humans are. Robots, at their best, would only be our servants, but how about transforming into a joy-filled leader? Your success in life is directly proportional to the six-pack muscles of your spiritual intelligence. Decode the secrets of SI over AI and li

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Devdas Returns, Soulman and Other Stories (Part 1)

Books by Korak Day

For 100 years, nobody wanted to give their body to the ghost of the ill-fated Devdas, but Lieutenant Devdutt Sharma, a naval officer, accepted. Can Devdas fulfill his unfinished business through Devdutt? What will be the fate of Devdas this time and what was his unfinished business?

14 Screenplays of a Spiritual Filmmaker are about some unique characters: a Chamiya cow, a suicidal young man, an angry Goddess Durga, a killer doctor, a naughty ch

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Books by KORAK DAY

The best things in life are the most difficult to get, except this.

Rose, from Beverly Hills, is raped, and Jamshid, a gay man who ran away from Iran, both are beautiful, lonely and option-less. A German remembers the Greek concept of the ‘Platoon of Souls’ as he searches for his other half. An Israeli tourist meets Jivan, an Indian boy of 10 in Darjeeling and unexpectedly, learns the most important life lesson.

In Aatma Yoga, Aa

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Books by KORAK DAY

Break free, celebrate your body, if you want, but do not commit the evil rape. 

First, get educated in sex and all things related to it, then either explore or ignore as per your inner command, but be neither an ignorant fool nor a hypocrite. 23 ways of kissing, 13 forms of embracing, 12 of scratching, 9 biting ideas, 20 attitudes of a sexual union, 8 styles of blowjobs and much more would guarantee you the pleasures that you never explored. 


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Songs of a Satwik Soul

Books by Korak Day

Enlightenment mirrors our actions, not desires.

A collection of poetries and songs. This is part of the ‘actions’ of a man who witnesses, accepts and rebels against many aspects of the ‘normal’ of the world and its ways. He is a rebel against the ‘evil.’ He practices his Satwik Humane way of ‘living a life with Joy’ by the creating of the ‘divine’ in his ART, with no external prejudice.

Satwik is a humane way of being ‘true

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Books by Korak Day

‘When Sex is not a Sin at all, officially’

An American teenager accidently meets a Yogi in the Himalayas. The teenager seeks to decipher the secret Indian spiritual-equation to match the frequencies of the soul with the body, through the Yogi. A journey begins amidst three stories, in two births.

In the first birth, sex is used as a weapon to challenge a Yogi and his disciple from USA by the greedy girlfriend, who is a Hollywood actress. This

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When I Visited Earth

Books by Korak Day

‘The war between Allah and God on the Judgement Day’

I am an Alien from a Planet that is unknown to Earth, in the present times. I came to witness a very special incident unfolding in front of my eyes. Korak Day from your Earth has accepted to be the medium to convey this unique story I witnessed when I visited Earth, to the Earthlings. This is done in your language, translated from my language of ‘touch and feelings’. I can meet you too

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One Enemy against One Humanity

By KORAK DAY in Sci-fi | Reads: 504 | Likes: 1

I am the writer of DEVDAS RETURNS, SOULMAN AND OTHER STORIES and many other 'entertainment and beyond' books, songs, films, vlogs, etc. and my life is dedicated 100% for the unloved, lonely, unwanted the destitute since 1996. That intro is unimportant and void because now is not about me or you, it   Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 04:15 PM

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