Indie Author Championship #6

Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair

Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair is a globally acclaimed agricultural scientist, having worked in different capacities in Europe, Africa and Asia, for over three decades. A former Rockefeller Fellow, and a Senior Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, of The Federal Republic of Germany, he was the first and only Asian scientist named to the very prestigious National Chair of the Science Foundation, The Royal Society, Belgium. Recipient of several international and national awards, including the Swadeshi Sastra Puraskar of the Swadeshi Science Movement of the Government of India, he has authored more than one hRead More...

Food and Human Responses - A Holistic View

Books by Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair

According to very ancient Hindu thought, our personality is collectively known as Pancha kosas(five sheaths, in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language). The outermost physical form is annamaya kosa, directly related to food (anna is food), within which is the pranamaya kosa (prana means life), followed by manomaya kosa (mana means mind), within which is vigyanamaya kosa (vigyan means intellectual), and, deep within this sheath is ananadamaya kosa (ananda mean

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The Nutrient Buffer Power Concept for Sustainable Agriculture

Books by K.P. Prabhakaran Nair

The Nutrient Buffer Power Concept, a revolutionary soil testing procedure developed and tested for over more than three decades in European, African and Asian soils, looks at soil testing to devise appropriate and accurate fertilizer recommendations for many field crops, such as, summer rye, wheat, and maize among cereals, red gram among pulses, white clover among fodder crops, and black pepper and cardamom among perennial crops, with a totally new pe

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