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Krishna Sudhir

Krishna (Krishnankutty) Sudhir is a physician, cardiologist and educator. Born in Chennai, India, he has lived and worked in three countries, namely India, Australia and the US. He is currently based in the Bay Area in California, where he is a senior executive in the medical device industry. 

In his academic career, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at major Australian and American universities. He is passionate about educating the general public on health and medicine and has authored a TED-Ed video on heart attacks. 

He has traveled extensively across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, and is deeply interested in cultures, languages and cuisines across the globe. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading detective novels and cooking Indian food. 

While well published in the medical field as the author of over 180 publications, this is his first foray into the world of fiction.


Prince of Typgar

Books by Krishna Sudhir

This is the second in the Prince of Typgar series, the much-anticipated sequel to Nujran and the Monks of Meirar. At the end of the first book, we left Nujran as a teenager who has learned much through his journeys alongside his teacher Amsibh. He experienced romance, conflict, friendship, betrayal, and loss. He grew up along the way.

We begin the second book on the sprawling campus of the prestigious University of Western Foalinaarc, where a b

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Prince of Typgar

Books by Krishna Sudhir

Set on the planet Syzegis, in a distant galaxy, Nujran is the spoiled pre-teen son of King Rababi and Queen Roone in the kingdom of Typgar. Enter Maestro Amsibh, a gifted teacher with extraordinary qualities, and the prince’s transformation begins.

But, why does he have to leave his sheltered life at the palace and his gorgeous friend Zaarica, with the maestro and two bodyguards? Who are the mysterious Monks of Meirar, and what strange powers do they p

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