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  Dr.R. KRISHNAMURTHI, Ph.D.,Corporate Trainer/Mentor/Speaker Author - Insights from Everyday Experiences Dr.R.Krishnamurthi, as an inspiring trainer, has conducted 2400 Executive, Faculty and Personality Development Programs to 30 Companies and 28 Institutions in his twenty-five years experience into teaching and training. Thirukkural forms part of his teaching, training and coaching programs. He is a Visiting/Adjunct Faculty to many Business Schools. He, as a Professional Speaker, has delivered many speeches to organization and institution clients. Mail: krishnatrg@yahoo. in Mobile: +91Read More...


Books by Dr. R. Krishnamurthi

A classic is a piece of work that stands the test of time. A classic is for all ages: past, present, and future. Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukkural is a classic. It is a highly resourceful management literature. I have been profusely using Kurals in my teaching, training, coaching and talks to drive home some of the best management concepts and practices. This book traces the modern management practices to the wisdom in Thirukkural. Do you want to

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Books by Dr. R. Krishnamurthi

We see a lot but do we observe what we see to gain insights? When we do not observe what we see, seeing something through our mental eyes becomes very remote. Insight is seeing something through our mental eyes. Definitely, this book reduces the distance between seeing things through physical and mental eyes.

Most of the insights have emotions and thoughts that have day to day appeals. The readers can associate themselves with the insights and identify t

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