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The author, Kunal Desai, is an engineer at mind and an artist at heart. Apart from creative writing, he is also fond of painting, sketching, photography, playing the flute, and solving puzzles. His questions on Rãdhã and her relationship with Krishna, the unavailability of answers, the absence of Rãdhã in fundamental books about Krishna, and the secrets unknown to the masses inspired him to pen My Affair with Rãdhã. The book is a result of three years of his ardent research in an attempt to connect the dots.Read More...


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My Affair with Rãdhã

Books by Kunal Desai

Radha and Krishna have been worshipped as a couple for so many ages. Despite this, why is Rãdhã not listed as one of Krishna’s 16,000 wives?

There are many unasked and unanswered questions about the relationship of Rãdhã and Krishna. Due to many myths and folklore, the divine relationship is mistaken as unethical. Rãdhã is said to have been married to Rayan. At the same time, there are numerous stories of Krishna’s and her amorous pastime in t

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