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Kush Kaushik

Kush Kaushik is one of the youngest authors of Hindi language in India. His interest in history turns him into a passionate writer. Kush holds a degree of MBA in Operations. He is a successful engineer and served his profession at many locations in the world. His poems are superb and admired. His debut novel ‘Ran-Kanawar’ established Kush as a young and passionate author in the field of Hindi Sahitya. His art of writing makes his novel thrilling. Kush belongs to the Land of Royals (Rajasthan) and he grew up in the streets of forts. He has been influenced a lot by the forts and their royal Read More...


Books by कुश कौशिक

शाही इतिहास का एक हिस्सा इतिहासकारों द्वारा पूरी तरह भुला दिया गया है। उपन्यास के रूप में यह पुस्तक भारत के शाही इतिहास की वास्तविक और बड़ी घटनाओं को उजागर करती है जो अधिक ध्यान

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