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Lal Bhatia

The United States granted him a permanent residence after declaring him an individual with exceptional abilities and in the national interest. The California State Legislature honoured him as a distinguished member of the Indo-American community. The Global Indian Congress awarded him for his excellence in philanthropy. His employers and others called him a hardworking, dedicated, independent, intelligent, energetic, capable, dependable, honourable, thorough, motivated and trustworthy person for a position of responsibility. And then, they turned Lal Bhatia’s “American Dream” into his nightmare.

With heart, courage, and determination, Lal transformed himself into the proverbial David. He built his own sling-shot and against all odds, took on Goliath and its disgraceful cronies.

On June 1 and 23, 2017, after Lal single-handedly battled seasoned federal judges, veteran prosecutors, experienced investigating agents, hardened prison wardens, vile snitches, inglorious powerful individuals, and despicable others in the United States for over a decade the United States Government eventually recognized that they had physically, economically, and mentally tortured, persecuted and victimized Lal, including falsely charged, indicted, convicted, and incarcerated him because in pursuing Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI), Allied Group, Mon Wig and others’ prosecution, he sought to publicly expose their specific money laundering crimes (in excess of approximately US$1.3 billion). The United States Government also acknowledged that Lal would “continue to be persecuted in the United States due to government corruption to stifle his efforts to conceal and protect the money laundering activities, as they have been unable to contradict the extensive evidence establishing their criminality.”

When you fearlessly focus on your passion, never hold yourself back, help others and dream big you can defeat any Goliath in your life. When you do not know what the future holds and people close to you render you insignificant, trust and rely on yourself.


Indicting Goliath

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What would you do if you single-handedly had to battle for justice being forced to present evidence in your defence without an attorney, shackled to hard metal leg irons, handcuffed to a belly chain? Seasoned judges; veteran prosecutors; experienced investigating agents; and others, cannot, on nearly fifty occasions, refute facts, evidence and testimony establishing the charges are trumped-up, and yet, they look the other way? And, no, this does not occur in a

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