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Laljee Verma is widely known in the academic circle not only in India but in most parts of the world for the pioneering work he has done in the subject of Healthcare (hospital) Waste Management, a vital area for health safety but poorly implemented. He founded the Indian Society of Hospital Waste Management (ISHWM) and was its founding President. Laljee holds a PG degree in Environmental Science, and Ph D in hospital waste management conferred by the Inter-Cultural Open University, the Netherlands. He has published more than a dozen scientific papers and articles in Indian and international joRead More...


Chikitsiya Apshisht Prabandhan

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Healthcare or hospital waste poses adverse effects on human health and the environment. Its proper disposal is vital for individual and community health. Healthcare waste contains many strains of bacteria and virus, and is potentially hazardous. Its proper collection, treatment and disposal is important to prevent spread of infection. Unfortunately, it remains a neglected area. There are many reasons, but the most important is lack of applied knowledge, and de

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Indians In Mirror

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Indian governance has lacked in public oriented administration. Politicians, and the administrators seem to have been working in self-interest rather for public. National interest appears the last priority. Bureaucratic attitude has resulted in deficient result oriented development in almost all fields, such as polity, scientific development, and healthcare delivery. Adoption of Westminster democracy has resulted in undue concentration powers in the hands of e

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