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Latha, who was born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has been writing poetry since the age of twenty, giving vent to her pent-up emotions. She has always been questioning the validity of many of our social norms and the hypocrisies hidden under the garb of tradition and culture—in her family and in society at large, where she witnessed the stealthy and shocking acts of people, which made her realise that appearances are often deceptive. Driven by the urge to talk her mind out, Latha started publishing a monthly magazine titled The Way Forward, which she used as a medium to voice oRead More...

The Toilet Seat

Books by Latha

It is time to get sex out of the closet.

Though sex is considered a ‘dirty’ word in Indian society, the indispensable role it plays in our lives cannot be denied. The Toilet Seat takes a good look at how sex is perceived and portrayed in society, the social stigma attached to sex, especially the premarital and extramarital kind, and the perversions that suppression of sex can cause.

The book reflects upon the grey ar

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