Lavan S. Nathan

Born in 1982, Lavanesan Swaminathan (Lavan S. Nathan) worked as a lawyer in the Republic of Singapore, specialising in commercial litigation and corporate law. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws from National University of Singapore and a Master of Laws from New York University in 2009, before undertaking a second Masters with Monash University in the field of Counselling. His debut novel, Ashes To Ashes, was first published in 2018 by Notion Press.Read More...


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Chapatis for Breakfast

Books by Lavan S. Nathan

50-year old Rama is a chapati seller living in Patparganj with his 46-year old wife Rachel, 18-year old son Rohit and 16-year old daughter Renuga. Before leaving for work every morning, he patiently prepares chapatis and chickpea curry for his family’s breakfast. Despite Rama’s honest work ethic, steadfast devotion to the family and kind heart, Rohit is thoroughly embarrassed that his father is only a chapati seller and repeatedly disrespects him. This dee

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Ashes to Ashes

Books by Lavan S.Nathan

26-year old Clarissa Williams has seen the ugly side of the rich and famous in a very literal sense. Having spent a significant number of years as a make-up artist for celebrities, socialites and other glitterati, she has grown accustomed to their demands and idiosyncrasies. However, when one of her wealthy clients passes away, she does not expect to meet 34-year old Timothy Young, an impeccably handsome funeral director whom she is drawn to and disturbed by a

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